Video & Streaming


The video at TRI is captured on Sony PMV-EX3 cameras. The imaging devices in these camcorders are three 1/2 –inch CMOS sensors that allow us to produce video in full HD resolution of 1920x1080. In the edit room the live video can be cut on a Panasonic AV- HS450N HD/SD video switcher. The switcher’s Multi-Viewer function allows us to display up to 20 different images on two monitors, which we use as a virtual monitor wall. The program video from the switcher is sent to our web streaming servers and to an AJA Kona LHi capture card on a Mac Pro. Using Final Cut Pro, the video is captured, stored and ready to edit.


TRI Studios utilizes a secure highly scalable streaming platform that has the ability to broadcast high bitrate HD video with fast video start-up times and uninterrupted playback at HD bitrates. TRI features 2 Digital Rapids StreamZHD encoders and broadcasts using the H.264 video codec at 720p, 30 frames per second with AAC audio. We also utilize two high redundancy/high-capacity all fiber (primary & backup) networks that offer maximum streaming throughput to its end users. Because TRI uses the largest live HD CDN, video is delivered faster and more consistent than any other network and is fully integrated with support across Flash, iPhone and iPad with detailed analytics.

Equipment list


Sony PMV-EX3 cameras w/ (4) 32GB and (2) 16GB SxS memory cards [x3]

Sony RM-B150 camera RCUs [x2]

Sachler tripods with fluid pan-heads [x2]

20 ft. straight dolly track

90 degree dolly curve track

2 m. Camera Jib with remote pan and tilt head

Clear-Com 2 channel intercom system with 3 base stations and 7 beltpacks

David Clark Soundproof Headsets

AJA KiPro decks recording Apple ProRes 422 [x2]

MacPro with AJA KONA LHi video card

Final Cut Pro 7

14TB Dulce RAID

Cache-A LTO tape archive

TV Logic LVM173W Color Correct Monitor

Sierra 32x32 HD video router

128x128 3G HD video patch bay

Antelope Trinity master clock generator

Brainstorm time code generator

Panasonic AV-HS450 32 input live production switcher

Harris HMX6803+ 3G/HD/SD embedder modules [x2]

Digital Rapids StreamZHD video streaming servers [x2]

Panasonic HD Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras w/ AW-RP50 Controller [x2]


Digital Rapids StreamZHD video streaming servers [x2]

Comcast 50 Mbps business class Internet service

Custom video player with Flash, iOS and HTML5 capatibility

Content distribution network by Mobile Rider and Akamai 


Element board with Sensor 24 channel dimmer pack

32 90W equivalent 3000K LED lamps in a ceiling grid with 3 dimmable section

17 200W track lights with 5 dimmable sections

7 750W Arri Chimera

10 750W Source Fair Jr spots

2 Arri Soft2000 softlights

36 200W Par46 fixtures with both floor stands and pipe clamps